Discover a new style of trendy city living while enjoying added comfort and luxury for a better quality of life. In addition to luxurious, spacious design ,top quality furnishings and a convenient, central location, The Bloom presents an eco-conscious alternative to city living that benefits both the inhabitants and the environment - today and in the future.
Surround yourself with the clean comfort and the eco-conscious nature of The Bloom and embrace the ultimate trend in city living.
- Strategically built to harness the natural energy of the wind, every unit takes in ample natural light and air - keeping the unit cool, even without turning on the air conditioner.
- Featuring a "Sky-high Garden" every 3 floors, you are provided an aesthetic and relaxing environment that not only complements the exterior, but also helps reduce outside noise pollution in the building.
- Natural energy of the wind and sun is harnessed to help reduce the consumption of electricity and promote eco-conscious living.
- Energy-saving appliances reduce the amount of energy consumed and provide a cleaner living environment.